DATA PRIVACY AGREEMENT Access to a student’s Effort Reports is available to the student, his or her parents, and other approved adults. Approved Access users will be able to view a student’s Effort Reports quickly and as often as they like. Effort Tracker data is updated in real time. We have taken necessary steps to maintain the confidentiality of the student data. Employees and other appropriate school district representatives will be able to access Effort Tracker data if they need access as part of their job. We may release the information to program auditors from both the state and federal government or if a court order or law requires us to release the information. I UNDERSTAND THAT THE EFFORT TRACKER SYSTEM IS SUBJECT TO VARIATIONS AS LIVE DATA IS ENTERED, DELETED AND/OR CHANGED. I CONFIRM THAT I WILL KEEP MY ACCESS CODE SECURE. I ALSO CONFIRM THAT I UNDERSTAND AND ACKNOWLEDGE THE CONFIDENTIAL NATURE OF STUDENT DATA AND WILL THEREFORE BE DISCERNING WITH DATA OBTAINED USING MY ACCESS CODE. I FURTHER CONFIRM THAT I UNDERSTAND THAT I DO NOT HAVE ANY RIGHTS TO ANY PROPRIETY SOFTWARE USED IN CREATING OR DISSEMINATING DATA UNDER THE EFFORT TRACKER SYSTEM AND I WILL NOT COPY, REVERSE ENGINEER, DECOMPILE, OR DISASSEMBLE ANY CONFIDENTIAL, PROPRIETARY, OR COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL AVAILABLE THROUGH THE EFFORT TRACKER SYSTEM.